Check Out Rocky Elmore’s Media Appearances for His New Book Out on Foot

Rocky Elmore is currently appearing as a guest on various radio shows and podcasts. Don’t miss ’em! You can see the full list of Rocky’s appearances at

Out on Foot: Nightly Patrols and Ghostly Tales of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, a collection of real-life stories of the paranormal, is now available on in paperback and Kindle formats.

When Rocky Elmore joined the United States Border Patrol, he knew it would be a journey fraught with danger. But little did he know that the trails he walked night after night would soon lead him into surreal encounters with phenomena from a different dimension. Out on Foot is Elmore’s new collection of true stories that provides a rare look into law enforcement. The book covers not only the routine nightly patrols of the Border Patrol but also actual paranormal activity as it happened to agents in the field.

“This was never more evident than when the ghost of a recently fallen fellow agent began to appear on top of the cliff from which he had fallen to his death,” said Elmore. “It was one of the most bizarre events in the history of the Border Patrol, and Out on Foot is the first book to cover this mystery in detail.”

In the pages of Out on Foot, readers will go on nightly patrols with the agents of the Brown Field Border Patrol Station in the Otay Mountains east of San Diego, Calif. The stories in Out on Foot involve smugglers, mountain lions, ghosts, and even a Sasquatch that were encountered in what Elmore calls “an isolated no-man’s land.”

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