August 12, 2015

Buy the Paperback, Kindle, or Audiobook of OUT ON FOOT

This collection of true stories provides a rare look into law enforcement that includes not only the routine nightly patrols of the USBP but also actual paranormal activity as it happened to the agents in the field. Readers will go on nightly patrols with the agents of the Brown Field Border Patrol Station, and will face their worst fears as they come face to face with smugglers, mountain lions, ghosts, and even a Sasquatch in this isolated no-man’s land. OUT ON FOOT takes place in the mysterious Otay Mountains just east of San Diego, California. It is an emotional roller coaster ride that is not for the faint of heart.



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3 Comments on “Buy the Paperback, Kindle, or Audiobook of OUT ON FOOT

Richard Penney
September 12, 2015 at 3:05 am

I lived on Vista Ln off of Dairy Mart road from ’77-’87. I road dirt bikes and three wheelers there. Sometimes even with the USBP agents who rode Honda 110’s. Always had good times though. The agents were always a good bunch of guys. They did do they’re job though and seemed to be good at it. Us kids knew that they were working and tried never to get in the way or cause trouble. There was some kind of mutual respect between us. We had our names for the areas like “The Pits” where everyone road they’re bikes. “Chi Chi Mountain” a round hill with a big mound or dirt on top along side hwy 117 now known as hwy 905. We were always worried not of ghosts but of the wild dogs that roamed the hills of Otay Mesa in packs. “The Tunnels” concrete storm drain tunnels that were under Interstate 5 that emptied into the ponds on the other side. Us kids had a blast out there.

Ron Dillman
May 2, 2016 at 5:18 pm

In interview you stated BP agents carried sidearms, but handgun AND M4 long gun in Arizona. What was different in Arizona requiring the heavier weaponry?


Rocky Elmore
May 4, 2016 at 10:25 pm

In California, the hiking was harder and farther and the groups seldom carried firearms. So our pistols were enough most of the time, and the extra weight slowed us down. Most of us liked to travel light in the mountains. Although whenever working near the fence, I did usually keep a shotgun in the vehicle.
In Arizona the terrain was easier to hike and we encountered suspects armed with AK 47’s quite often.


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